[Film] Awareness. Compassion. Change. North Korean Human Rights

This is a film I have been working on since summer break before senior year. After completing a week at Georgetown Broadcast Journalism summer camp, I was inspired to film a short Op-documentary that would raise awareness of North Korea and its refugees worldwide.

Although I have spent an ample amount of time editing and have received tremendous help during the process, my video clip is still not perfect. Please, please give me feedback if you would like to comment on any aspect of the video.

Special thanks to my friends from Miss Porter’s who have provided me with all their support. Thank you, Sophie Paris (Miss Porter’s School Photography instructor) for giving up a great amount of your free time and teaching me essential iMovie skills, helping me edit along the way, advising me, and encouraging me until the completion of this project. So much thanks to my friends at school for their constructive ideas and suggestions. This would not have been possible if it weren’t for the support from Miss Porter’s community. I am truly blessed to belong there.

Thank you to all my interviewees. Although my visit to my old middle school broadcast studio, DBS (Daecheong Broadcast Studio) was rather sudden, you all responded eloquently and thoughtfully. Thank you to all including ones whose responses I could not include in the video due to time limit. From the bottom of my heart I truly appreciate your help.

Thank you so much, Ms. Hosaniak (Joanna Hosaniak; Deputy Director General at NKHR) for offering over an hour to respond to my interview. It was truly a source of inspiration and a steppingstone for this whole video.

Last but not least, I would like to dedicate this video to two organizations that have inspired me to commit myself to this crucial cause of North Korean Human Rights: Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights and Liberty in North Korea (LiNK). I have worked with both organizations since early sophomore year when I created North Korean Human Rights Club at school with two great teammates. Thank you so much, Eun Young Kim (Senior Program Officer, Campaign Team at NKHR) for hearing me out with my ideas for this video and giving me solid directions. You also made the interview with Joanna possible. Thank you so much.

Thank you everyone who I may have not acknowledged yet.

Help shape change with these amazing human rights activists.
Awareness. Compassion. Change.


Jee Young (Jenna) Lee (Miss Porter’s School ’14)


Female North Korean refugees tell their stories.

Check out this link from a TV program in South Korea where female North Korean refugees tell their stories. I’m still working on looking for a subtitled one. Sorry!

Stories empower people. I hope more of these personal stories touch the minds of South Koreans and people around the world so that they can empower the North Koreans and refugees. View clip to initiate change! 🙂


This is an inspiring talk of a woman North Korean refugee, Hyeonseo Lee. She describes her change in perception of her own country and her determination to escape. She also vividly describes the appalling reality of North Korea and the atrocities she had to face as she lived as a refugee. Please watch this Ted Talk and spread the word!


LiNK: Liberty in North Korea – $0.25 donated for EVERY VIEW

LiNK is a non-profit organization that works to spread awareness of the human rights crisis in North Korea. They present their own documentaries about the process of rescuing the refugees from North Korea. It takes around $600-$700 dollars to rescue a refugee! Please visit
for more info! 🙂