Originally from Seoul, South Korea, I am currently a student at Miss Porter’s School. I am interested in North Korean Human Rights issues, as they are crucial to a step toward reunification of Korea. I was inspired by the efforts of a  non-profit organization called LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) and Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (a non-profit organization in Korea), as they focus on raising funds to rescue North Korean refugees and pushing for advancement in human rights. Even at this minute, a great number of North Koreans is suffering from immense hunger,  indescribable, unspeakable fear, and from extreme isolation. I have started small in order to reach a big goal. As LiNK’s motto implies, I would like to focus on people of North Korea and their advances in human rights. In order to achieve that goal, I have begun to share pieces of North Korean people through articles and videos. I have invited LiNK to my very own school for a documentary screening to spread awareness  of the humanitarian crisis in North Korea to my community. I hope someday, these efforts of myself, and all the others who share the same ideals accumulate and culminate in a solid foundation for North Korean Human Rights,  ultimately leading to a peaceful, steady reunification of the two Korea’s.


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