Pulitzer Prize novelist, North Korea tech blogger offer global perspective in Newsroom by the Bay keynote address

jenna_lee: North Koreans are often defined by their totalitarian government, Communism, and terror — when they are really, just ordinary people. This article is right to note that we should work to “humanize people of North Korea” instead of classifying them as mere citizens of a corrupt regime.
The writer mentions some noteworthy works as well, including a book named “The Orphan Master’s Son” and a movie called “The Defector.” This reminds me of the non-profit organization, LINK’s motto — defining North Korea by its people, not its government.

Summer 2019: June 30-July 7

In this age of information, anything you could possibly want to know is at your fingertips at the press of a button. Here in the United States, it’s easy to take for granted the range of access that we have to information.

On Monday night, Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Johnson, and North Korea Tech blogger Martyn Williams put our lives into perspective in a two-hour talk to approximately 90 students, parents and guests at Jordan Hall on the Stanford University campus.

Johnson and Williams share a passion for researching the enigma of North Korea, a puzzle that cannot be solved.

North Korea is a “mystery-generating machine,” said Johnson. “It’s what they export.”

But these mysteries often lead to caricatures of a bleak and steadily declining society. Instead of taking into account the 20 million people that live under the totalitarian regime, the media portrays “a place of evil or madness…

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